The Gatevine
Skin of Languages
Juvenile Detention Center, Kansas
Marriott Library University of Utah
Kansas City Bartl Hall Loading Dock
Phoenix Light Rail
University Health & Counseling Center, Eugene, Oregon
Celentano School New Haven ,CT
Portland 1900 City Building, Oregon
Floating Poetry
Burning Green
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My multi-media installation and public project questions the traditional form of dialogue between the artist and viewer along with the artwork’s role/function within our daily life. My artwork re-thinks visual elements in terms of displaced environments and minds in the context of today's world. Time is not linear but rather treads through different forms of social structures of past, present and future—overlapping simultaneously. Layering context is the key to my inspiration. I believe artwork is a crucial part of our lives’ fiber. I often contemplate the meaning of the solitary isolation of artwork that’s traditionally placed in a fixed position on the virtuous gallery or museum wall.

My artwork in the public realm is not meant to decorate the space, but rather is rooted in the existing architectural concept. My artwork is integrated into the organic structure of a particular space and reflects both the cultural / social environment of the region and people. My public project questions the traditional form of dialogue between the artwork and viewer along with artist’s role in our daily life. I don’t have a fixed style and concept. My idea comes from site. Limitation is part of my inspirations. I see my public art project as a tiny moving thread that stitches through the fabric of reality. Hopefully the result is uplifting and the artwork lit an interesting light upon the site that is created.