Public Works of Art:

The Gatevine                                                                                                          completed 2016
A permanent wall sculpture extends on 800ft-long retaining wall between on West Ave. City of Norwalk, CT. The image of the artwork is from the words collected from local residents. Budget: $100,000.00
Material: torched and forged steel with hot-dip galvanize / powder coat.
Scale: 10’x 800’ x1’

Skin of Languages                                                                                                  completed 2014
A permanent wall sculpture with layers of languages in the scale of 10’x40’x1’ at Nuskin new Headquarter, Provo, Utah.
Material: 3form Varia Ecoresin with highres image and lunar diachronic film inlay.
Scale: 10’x60’x1’

Taokonick                                                                                                                 completed 2013
A series of permanent bronze and stainless steel artworks in different artistic approach (12 outdoor and 1 indoor) for the new Engine 38 firehouse in Tacony, PA. Like a little museum, the artworks capture the grittiness and romance of firefighting with historical detail, and reverence to the community. Budget: $70,000.00 
Scale: multiple sites

We have a dream                                                                                                      completed 2011   
Three permanent artworks that work with residents at Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center, Kansas.
1, working with residents, a 96’ relief on retaining wall by entrance, 2, glass security window with writings from residents, 3, glass installation at entrance, and other 4 rooms. Budget: $160.000

Wisdom of Rainbow & Knowledge Exile                                                                 completed 2009
Two permanent projects for the Marriott Library, University of Utah. Wisdom of Rainbow is in Atrium space. Scale: 40’ H x 75’ x 75’ / Material: 3-Form highres diachronic panels. Knowledge Exile 50 books objects are placed in & outside of library / Material: cast bronze, stone, glass and cast resin. Budget: $145,000.00

Winds of Aphrodite                                                                                                    completed 20098
Kansas City Convention Center—Bartle Hall North Dock pro ject. Collaborated with Crawford architect KC. Architectural artwork locate at 12th Street & Broadway / Scale: 50’ H x300’ W x 100’ D / Budget: $1,500,000.00

Three permanent art works at three Phoenix Light Rail stations:                         completed 2008
Three permanent outdoors sculptures for Central Phoenix/East Valley Light Rail Transit Stations. Worked with architects Archtecton and Otak, Landscape, A. Dye Design, leading artists, design team members, residents in neighborhood, and other four station artists. Budget: $400,000.00
Hands: two cast bronze hand sculptures / scale: 22’ H x5’ x5’ each, Dorsey Station.
Weaving Texts, two forged steel panels & powder coating / scale: 9’ H x13’ W x 6” D each, Smith-Martin Station
Text Columns, two cast Fortom MG columns, glass and LDC light /scale: 20’ H x 20” D each, McClintock Station  

Script of Vine-a trilogy of prelude and fugue                                                        completed 2007
A permanent site-specific public art project commissioned by Oregon's Percent for Art for the University of Oregon’s Health and Counseling Center—Eugene, OR. The artworks consist of three parts and are located in three different sites throughout the facility. Basic designed elements are writing that submitted by students and staff / Material: forged steel panels & powder coating / Budget: $76,000.00

Dreams of Sky                                                                                                       completed 2005
A permanent site-specific public art project commissioned by City of New Haven, Office of Cultural Affairs. Location: Celentano School, 400 Canner Street, New Haven, CT. Architect: The SLAM Collaborative. / Material: forged steel panels & powder coating / Budget: $50,000.00

Portland Pamphlets                                                                                                 completed 1999
A permanent site-specific public art project commissioned by Regional Arts & Culture Council and City of Portland. Location: Portland City Development Center. Location: 1900 SW Fourth Avenue, Oregon. Architect: Yost Grube Hall Architecture. / Material: glass and fiber optic light. Budget: $53,000.00

Floating Poetry and Burning Green                                                                        completed 1996
Both two outdoor / site-specific projects were done on the estate of Djerassi Foundation, Woodside, CA. The theme of Floating Poetry specifically deals with the memory of life and death. The artwork is comprised of 68 floating objects that are installed along two miles of the estate’s creek. These objects are made of resin in different dimensions. Burning Green is rubber hand sculptures that is placed on huge burned redwood tree. The hand sculptures are etched written poetry both in Chinese and English that is associated with my feelings and thoughts of that particular time.

Projects in Progress:

Pawtucket, RI, a permanent bridge sculpture on I-95/George Street overpass. Budget: $100.000

2005     International Competition of Environmental Art Award

1998     STart Award, Seattle

1997     The Pollock-Krasner Foundation                                                                                                             

 1997     Fellowship New York Foundation for the Art

1995     Media Production Award, Individual Artist / New York State Council on the Arts

1995     The Richard Kelly Grant, NY
1994     Project Award / Islip Art Museum, NY
1994     Scholarship award / Film and Video Arts, NY
1994     Fellowship Award / Art Matters, NY
1990     The Paula Rhodes Memorial Award, NY

Solo Exhibitions:
1997     Revelations  Zhao, Suikang / Neuberger Museum of  Art, NY
1995     Zhao Suikang / RCCA The Arts Center, NY
1995     "Neighborhood" / Jamaica Arts  Center, NY
1988     Suikang Zhao's Recent works / Wenninger Graphics, MA
1985      Master Gallery / Fu-Dan  University, Shanghai, P.R.C.

Group Exhibitions (selected):
2010      “State of the Dao in Contemporary Chinese Art”, Lehman College Art Gallery, NYC
2009        “Xun Dao: Searching for Spirituality in Contemporary Chinese Art”, Frederieke Taylor Gallery, NY
2008       “Fugue”, Miranda Fine Arts, NY
2006      “Imagine Site NYC”, Curated by Lyle Rexer / Fashion Institute of Technology Museum, NY
2005     “At Home” / Abrons Arts Center—Henry Street Settlement, NYC
2004     “Do a Book” / Plum Blossoms Gallery, NY
2002     “Relations” / M.Y Art Prospects, NY
1998     Kunming New York Montreal / art contemporain carnet de voyage, ObservaToire4 Galerie d'art,     Montreal, Canada
1994     The Carriage House Project / Islip Art Museum, NY
1993      Artist in Market Place / Bronx Museum, NY
1992     Four Artists from China/ American Museum of Natural History, NY
1990     China, June 4, 1989-an Art Exhibition / PS.1 Museum, NY
1986     The First Shanghai Youth Fine Arts Exhibition, Shanghai Fine Arts Museum, China

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Published Books:
2016《键盘空间》(Space on Keyboard)is recently published by Beijing Normal University Press
2012《铅笔头》 (Pencil End) published by Eastern China Normal University press.

Published articles in magazines:
2017 various articles in《书城》(Book City), Shanghai, 《钢琴艺术》(Piano Artistry) 《爱乐》 (Philharmonic) Beijing, China
2016 various articles in 《书城》(Book City), Shanghai, 《钢琴艺术》(Piano Artistry) Beijing, China
2015 various articles in 《书城》(Book City), Shanghai, 《钢琴艺术》(Piano Artistry) Beijing, China
2014 various articles in 《书城》(Book City), Shanghai, 《钢琴艺术》(Piano Artistry), 《歌词艺术》 (Art of Singing) Beijing, China
2013 various articles in 《书城》(Book City), 《悦读MOOK》(Reader-MOOK), Shanghai, China
2002-2004 《爱乐》 (Philharmonic), Beijing, China

1998     City Arts, WNET Jan. 1998
1995     Interviewed by Leontyne Watts on WBAI 99.5 FM radio station
1994     Suikang's Life and Works, Cultural Minutes, WNYC, NY (produced by Jenny Attiyeh)

1990     MFA degree received at the School of Visual Arts—New York City, US
1983     BA degree received at Shanghai Teachers' College, Shanghai, China

1996-present    Associate Professor, Fine Arts Department, FIT, State University of New York

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