Public Art Project Proposal for LAPD Memorial Site

Oct. 2005

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Project Narrative: LAPD Memorial—triangle translucent tower with blue interactive light and information penal
Proposed LAPD Memorial has two parts:
One is a translucent tablet (tower) like an icy sword that rise up 170 feet off the ground. The plan view of the tower is a flat triangle, yet on the top of the tower there is tilted angle with clear surface verse to the rest part of tower that is translucent. The titled surface face angle toward sky so that it will reflect changing light of the day. The proximal scale of the tower is about 8 feet width on bottom and 4 feet on top, depth is about 4 feet on bottom and 2? on top. The tower will be made by translucent acrylic with steel structure support in the middle. Both are going to be made in sections All the fallen officers names will be inscribe (itched) on the tower (there will be space for adding name) there will a blue LED light with moving sensor on the bottom of tower, so the tower will lit up when there is pedestrian near by.

Another component of the memorial is a translucent reversed triangle (or square) base under the tower. The size of the base is about 24 feet (if square will be about 18 feet) Similar to previous memorial, there will be individual panel for each fallen officer’s name. The difference is these panels will function as buttons for audio component of the memorial. By pushing the penal, visitor will trig few minutes of audio information about the particular fallen officer. The content of audio info will be various, some can be brief induction of the officer, some can be story from family or friends, or some, if possible may contain person’s own voice etc. On the edge of base, there will be 6’ x 6’ translucent soft cushion where visitor can knee down to look and push the name button.

Proposed the memorial tower work with the existing architecture design and emphases the vertical architecture demission from north, it lines up with tip of triangle, from east, it lines up with stair. Further more, proposed design further (suggests) the dialogue between different geometry particularly between triangle and square shape,

The idea and inspiration: High rise vertical shape of the proposed memorial is not only the modification of architect and its surrounding but also has profound inner meaning:

Conceptual Focal Point

Concept Narrative As a site of memorial, proposed proposal focus on its ritualistic purity and uplifting feeling. The concept of interactive feature by visitor or pedestrian is trying to make the linkage between those fallen officer and their family, friends as well as ordinary pedestrian. The sensor that triggers the light gives a sense of wakening and connection (of death for visitors). The panel keys give people the opportunity of hearing further information and context of the fallen officer. From architectural point of view, minimum geometric design of the proposed memorial will enhance the concept of existing architecture design.