Polyohonic Realities


A compute websie based internet installation


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This installation is an integrated, interactive web project with computer, LCD projection and a room of strings. First, in the web site, there is an html window that has a moving globe image. The viewer can click any part of the globe that triggers a particular animation. Fifteen (15) different combinations of animations exist in the background. All the animations contain three short overlapping religious writings in different languages in their original writing format. Music and chanting that is equivalent to the religious writings are also interwoven in same manner. At the installation site, a computer is placed in a central space that is covered by hundreds of string vertically hanging from the ceiling. These delicate yet massive lines of thread compose a three-dimensional web space that functions as a vibrating screen. An LCD projector projects whatever is selected from the computer onto the "screen", while the computer and the viewer are inside of it.