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My artwork explores the relationship between various cultural phenomena and and their interior confrontation. By using overlapping texts and images, I strive to reconstruct the parallel yet juxtaposition of today's cultural fabrication and social structure through both the harmony and dissonance within a shared space.

My interests lie in the displacement and interwove of different cultural realities. Instead of having an agenda of promoting cultural harmony, my emphasis is on the existing reality of confrontations and misunderstandings between different cultures and belief systems. I see these phenomena in ways that are similar to the infinitely complex relationships of love and hatred between individual human beings, growing out of their unique dilemmas and complexity. To me, the parallel, multi-layered cultural structure creates a profound dimension of reality beyond old social structures in any traditional (i.e. culturally exclusive) society. The different formations of social structures of today and the past are the central issues in my thought process, as well as in my art form and media. I try to create multi-dimensional, interwoven visual or visual/audio structures that reveal the cultural phenomena of paralleling and simultaneity.

The neutral, white wall of the gallery or the museum creates the concept that art is a self-contained object confined within itself; a window the viewer can count on to contemplate a work of art. However, when I place my thought conceptually beyond such spaces, I often find the pre-existing context of the site is interesting and works very well as a cradle of a new creation. My artwork is only a small thread among a continuous fabric of contextual realities. As a question and an inquiry, it joins what existed in the past to what is present. I bring my viewpoint into play, to twist, to overlap.