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A hand sculpture at connecting bridge

One large female hand sculpture (about 18’x 32’ plus arm support) holds under the connecting bridge between building phase I. and II. The placement of hand sculpture can be various on the connecting bridge. Hands sculpture is formed by an open, lacy pattern of bronze or steel (light color) woven into text in a variety of languages that will be collected from person to person in the neighborhood. The sculpture will be in large scale, yet, the gesture of the hand will be delicate. The form of weaning tapestry will create feeling of lightness. The piece is about connection between organic life form and urban geometry, and also symbolizes the personal communication among many different cultures in the neighborhood.

Alternative Proposal

My proposal idea mostly comes from existing architectural element. For what architectural information is available to update, it is hard for me to propose specific artwork for the area of phase II. or phase III. What I proposed here is only the concept. I used existing architectural information mostly on phase I. hopeful that will show how my idea works with the site. I provide few of alternative proposals here, although I realized some of placement of my idea is not belongs to the category of integrate artwork. Conceptually, all the alternative proposals root in the same concept.